Bill Haurton

Artist rendering of what Bill Haurton looked like as a child

LATEST: A Blizzard? Quick, Burn Money

Bill Haurton is a cultural critic, which is to say he’s angry about a lot of stuff. He can be found fuming at the present state of affairs at the news desk of a prominent publication you’ve never heard of. If he could travel to any place, it’d be to your house so he could kick your dog. He is a failed Luddite, who enjoys politics, two-tone shoes and is beginning to get the hang of scotch. A polo enthusiast since his youth, Bill’s parents mistakenly bought him a pogo stick, which he uses to put down injured horses.

The last thing your horse will ever see


2/8/11 Janet Jackson: Battle Hymn of the Oh Brother

1/25/11 A Lesson on Bombing

1/19/11 Freedom by Jonathan Franzen by Bill Haurton

1/11/11 What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook

1/4/11 Back to the Future: Shopping for the Modern Infant

1/3/10 Crooked Copy Looks Back at 2011

12/20/10 The “L” gave me a Blue Christmas and other awful puns

12/13/10: A Pack-A-Day Cynic Runs A Marathon


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