Tweets of the Week

We’re keeping it going with the debate. Absent from this list are the obvious “Obama and/or Christie are big winners of the debate” jokes. No, you weren’t the only one to tweet that (though Dave Weigel’s Buddy Roemer crack was obscure enough to distract us from his acne scars for a moment). Below are the best quips to come out of a mediocre debate, using the worst mode of communication ever. They are not ranked (or are they?):

@notjessewalker: “When do they ask about heroin? I like the part where they ask about heroin”

(Okay, they’re not)

@DaBeard: Cain: Sunni or Shiite?

Thad McCotter via @RickKlein: candidates “failed” the “litmus test” at #cnndebate by answering this/that questions

@dorians_protege: Bold idea on giving control of Afghanistan to the Taliban Romney, they wont see it coming.

@Taylororci: It felt so progressive watching white men, a white woman, and a black man debate and regard them all as idiots.

@MKHammer: The next #CNNdebate will feature a ground-breaking, interactive game of F-marry-kill for candidates.

@Pourmecoffee: This or That: Which Koch brother – Charles or David?

@Borowitzreport: #CNNdebate Viewer Poll: 25% undecided; 75% unconscious

@Rumpfshaker: John King to candidates: give me a quick incomplete answer that will either alienate your base or make you sound like HATERZ!

@JaneQPublic: 15 seconds: demonstrate your ability to evade dumbass questions. Go!

@fivethirtyeight: Is Pawlenty running to be Romney’s vice president?

@RyanTeply: Breaking: Tim Pawlenty’s opening statement included a “F*ck Yeah, America!”, likely in an attempt to appear more edgy.

@EdMorrissey: Let’s note the topics more important than energy or nat’l security in #cnndebate: Pizza. Chicken wings. PDAs.

@RickKlein: So does Gingrich support Ryan plan or think it’s going too fast? his staff will be working hard on that one… oh, right..

@scrowder: John King looks like a G.I. Joe… the don’t-ask-don’t-tell edition.

@elonjames: “If we invested in the private sector we could have a DEATH STAR! AN EFFING DEATH STAR! We couldve stopped 9/11!” – Newt Gingrich

@SECupp: The candidates seem more angry at John King than Obama or each other.

@GuyPBenson: This room is so silent, it’s as if someone asked Senate Democrats for a budget, or something.

@DCDebbie: “If you are not prepared to be loyal to the US, you will not serve in my admin..” 3 Gingrich exwives can vouch for his loyalties.

@AaronMFlynn: The night starts with Santorum, which is usually how it’s supposed to end.

@GregGutfeld: john king is like a hip hop backup singer, going “uh uh uh.”

@Daveweigel: Eventually, one of these “average people” asking questions is going to yell “BABA BOOEY HOWARD STERN RULES”

@AndersonCooper: Backstage at #CNNdebate: Uh oh, I think my tie is the same color as #wolfblitzer‘s tie. I should have brought an extra.

—Wow Anderson, what a normal guy kinda problem.

Friends, Allies, Ourselves:

@CrookedCopy: This or That : Scarlet fever or Bieber fever

@Ddrfeelgoodd: Can we make a this or that question something difficult like “live your life w/out skin or eat only chalk for twenty years?”

@Ddrfeelgoodd: Herman Cain: Godfather’s Pizza is offering a 25% discount to all Medicare recipients this week only!

@Crookedcopy: Mrs. CC: #RonPaul looks like a Pixar version of an old man


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  1. Rosacea, not acne scars. Thanks

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